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  • You will be able to start earning money from your Photoshop Skills.

  • You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV

  • You will have over 20 of your own projects to add to your portfolio.

  • You will create social media post images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest & Youtube.

  • You will be able to mask anything… including the dreaded hair!

  • Create posters.

  • Create advertising.

  • Resize Images.

  • Build a flyer.

  • Change the color or images.

  • Fix the colors in photographs

  • You will change eye & hair colors.

  • You will combine 2 photographs to create amazing compositions.

  • You will put a storm in a tea cup.

  • You will create text that looks like stone.

  • You will build a logo with type that wraps around it like a badge.

  • You will create text that wraps around a woman.

  • You will build a multipage banner advertising project.

  • You will create more background in an image from thin air.

  • You will remove people from images.

  • You will remove graffiti from a wall.

  • You will clear cut images of people, shoes & other products.

  • You will create realistic shadows

  • You will create text the wraps around colored smoke.

  • You will build duotone images like the Spotify effect

  • You will create images with an anaglyph effect

  • You'll turn your images into realistic oil paintings

  • You'll know how to add halftone effects to your images.

  • You will bend images to reveal background images.

  • You will distort a logo to bend around real life photographs and objects.

  • You retouch an overweight person to make the appear slim.

  • You'll build spray paint style graffiti using brushes.

  • You'll make a galaxy appear out of a mans head.

  • Create paper cut effects inside of a font.

  • Build text with 3D paint dripping from it.

  • You'll retouch a face to move pimples & freckles.

  • You'll remove dust & scratches from an old photograph.

  • Change yellow teeth to white teeth.

  • You'll build a fantasy image where you put an island, ocean & clouds inside a small bottle.

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